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NDCi.global is a not-for-profit, mutually supportive community resource for professionals working on their country climate commitments and related goals.  We’re especially focused on financing challengesIt doesn’t matter if you work in clean energy, industry and transport, water, waste, land, forestry and/or agriculture, NDCi.global is for you. The aim is to help make tasks easier –  translating NDCs from paper into projects.

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We can do the science, so why not the finance?

The IPCC report sets out clear pathways to 1.5 degrees. But how do we turn these into financing strategies?

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‘Hot Air’ in the Paris Agreement Carbon Markets?

‘Hot Air’ in the Paris Agreement Carbon Markets?

In the face of uncertainty over what many NDCs actually imply for GHG reductions, carbon markets based on the Paris agreement need practical solutions on double counting and additionality

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Gearing up for green-bond growth

Gearing up for green-bond growth

We catch-up with the Climate Bonds Initiative for thoughts on trends and challenges in a $400+ billion market

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UNDP and Paris Finance: Finding Pathways to Efficiency

UNDP and Paris Finance: Finding Pathways to Efficiency

We look at how the UN’s development arm is using innovative financing structures to create partnerships between public and private finance targeting implementation of the NDCs

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Tributes Flow in for Pioneer of Green Finance

Tributes Flow in for Pioneer of Green Finance

Tessa Tennant, a pioneer of sustainable investment and co-founder of this website, has died of cancer aged 59. We look at her career and summarise the tributes

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37 things you need to know about 1.5C global warming

The UN climate science panel has released its summary of the evidence around the tougher climate goal demanded by vulnerable countries. Climate Home breaks it down.


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  • The Guardian says that the next financial crash will be exacerbated by climate change and that “ideally, existing global institutions – the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and the World Trade Organization – would be supplemented by a new World Environmental Organisation with the power to levy a carbon tax globally”

  • The head of the IFC says the Corporation wants to “develop a green equity investment approach to working with financial intermediaries that formally commit upfront to reduce or, in some cases, exit all coal investments over a defined period.” The IFC also imposes a carbon price of $40-80 on projects in the cement, chemicals, and thermal power sectors

  • Ahead of the GCF’s next Board meeting in mid-October, the Guardian reports Australia’s PM Scott Morrison saying his government won’t “tip money into that big climate fund. We’re not going to do that … I’m not going to spend money on global climate conferences and all that nonsense.”  Australia committed $200 million to he GCF between 2015-18

  • Mission Innovation, a grouping of the EU and 22 countries globally launched at Paris in 2015, has published a framework for 1.5 degree investing.  The framework is aimed at helping investors and multilaterals “identify those system solutions and technologies that have significant ability or potential to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions”