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NDCi.global is a not-for-profit, mutually supportive community resource for professionals working on their country climate commitments and related goals.  We’re especially focussed on financing challengesIt doesn’t matter if you work in clean energy, industry and transport, water, waste, land, forestry and/or agri, NDCi.global is for you. The aim is to help make tasks easier –  translating NDCs from paper into projects.

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CFA Day 5: Financing the Future

On Friday, Government delegations from Nigeria, Colombia, and Mexico presented their climate finance propositions to a diverse group of investors, at the close of the week-long Climate Finance Accelerator.

Climate Finance Accelerator Days 3 and 4: Navigating the obstacles

Climate Finance Accelerator Days 3 and 4: Navigating the obstacles

All participants are showing entrepreneurial grit and determination as they begin to align agendas, reframe projects as bankable solutions and develop workarounds to challenging contexts.

Developing solutions to contextual challenges

Developing solutions to contextual challenges

On day two of the Climate Finance Accelerator, country delegates were paired with experts from international banks to discuss the enabling environment within each country involved.

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Accelerating Climate Finance – Join our Thursday Webinar

Join us on Thursday 21st September, for a webinar to discuss the outcoming of last week’s Climate Finance Accelerator.


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  • More straws in the wind on business approaches to sustainability:  private equity major Abraaj’s founder Arif Naqvi says that the SDGs “offer a ‘trade-on’ [not a trade-off between financial returns and social impact] — an opportunity to scale financial returns by driving social value”. ImpactAlpha

  • A new report from Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) shows investment in clean cookstoves is running at a fraction of what it needs to as a massive contributor to mitigation and to the SDGs – $32 million last year against a need of $4.4 billion.  Transaction size is an issue

  • Dutch development bank FMO is behind the launch of FinForward a new  accelerator for digitising financial services in Africa that could be important for insurance and other adaptation projects

  • Huffington Post coverage of the LSE launch of Climate Finance Accelerator.