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NDCi.global is a not-for-profit, mutually supportive community resource for professionals working on their country climate commitments and related goals.  We’re especially focused on financing challengesIt doesn’t matter if you work in clean energy, industry and transport, water, waste, land, forestry and/or agriculture, NDCi.global is for you. The aim is to help make tasks easier –  translating NDCs from paper into projects.

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Paris Finance: Building Capacity but not Community?

Much is being tried to build capacity to implement the Paris agreement in individual developing countries, but we are doing almost nothing to build the professional community that’s needed globally. Trust is one of the casualties

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‘Hot Air’ in the Paris Agreement Carbon Markets?

‘Hot Air’ in the Paris Agreement Carbon Markets?

In the face of uncertainty over what many NDCs actually imply for GHG reductions, carbon markets based on the Paris agreement need practical solutions on double counting and additionality

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Gearing up for green-bond growth

Gearing up for green-bond growth

We catch-up with the Climate Bonds Initiative for thoughts on trends and challenges in a $400+ billion market

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UNDP and Paris Finance: Finding Pathways to Efficiency

UNDP and Paris Finance: Finding Pathways to Efficiency

We look at how the UN’s development arm is using innovative financing structures to create partnerships between public and private finance targeting implementation of the NDCs

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Tributes Flow in for Pioneer of Green Finance

Tributes Flow in for Pioneer of Green Finance

Tessa Tennant, a pioneer of sustainable investment and co-founder of this website, has died of cancer aged 59. We look at her career and summarise the tributes

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Time for a Climate Action Conductor?

As a companion piece to our main blog this week, read former UNFCCC chief Yvo de Boer’s thoughts in Climate Home News on a way forward out of … Continue reading Time for a Climate Action Conductor?


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  • A new report from the Rights and Resources Institute says that deforestation rates are lower in forests where the rights of communities have been recognized, so that securing these rights “is emerging as a cost-efficient way to protect forests against aggressive destruction and unsustainable exploitation” and thus meet Paris goals

  • Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany head the latest “Commitment to Development Index,” ranking 27 developed countries.  The US has slipped from 19th to 23rd spot, and could fall further as support for the Paris agreement is one of the scoring factors.  Meanwhile, the US seems to be taking its trade dispute with China into the aid arena, which USAID taking a tough line on assisting countries that take Chinese development funding, according to Devex

  • Nine organisations led by the World Bank have founded the  “Global Green Bond Partnership,” which aims to “scale green bond issuance primarily by sub-national entities and corporations through targeted technical assistance, capacity building, de-risking, investing, and underwriting support”

  • The New York Times has a summary of the GCAS in California, noting a significant number of announcements but also asking “what next?”