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NDCi.global is a not-for-profit, mutually supportive community resource for professionals working on their country climate commitments and related goals.  We’re especially focused on financing challengesIt doesn’t matter if you work in clean energy, industry and transport, water, waste, land, forestry and/or agriculture, NDCi.global is for you. The aim is to help make tasks easier –  translating NDCs from paper into projects.

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Tributes Flow in for Pioneer of Green Finance

Tessa Tennant, a pioneer of sustainable investment and co-founder of this website, has died of cancer aged 59. We look at her career and summarise the tributes

Innovate4Climate 2018

Innovate4Climate 2018

We take soundings as the World Bank’s annual climate finance event showcases in Frankfurt.

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Financial Inclusion – a key tool for weathering economic shocks

Financial Inclusion – a key tool for weathering economic shocks

How microfinance institutions and those that provide their capital can help vulnerable communities create financial resiliency

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What’s new in Paris related Insurance

What’s new in Paris related Insurance

We round up some recent commercial and regulatory developments in a market showing an intent to innovate

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NDCs and the pathway to 2050: Are the development banks on track?

NDCs and the pathway to 2050: Are the development banks on track?

A new report from E3G looks at the performance of the main development banks in support of both short and long-term climate finance needs.

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Support a Future “Paris Finance Community” Vital for the NDCs

David Saddington, a 25-year-old climate change consultant, explains the plans to scale up NDCi.global as a convening point for Paris finance, and appeals for support. NDCi.global has a … Continue reading Support a Future “Paris Finance Community” Vital for the NDCs


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  • Latest newsletter from the Green, Social and Sustainable Bond Principles Secretariat, including updates to Principles and progress on impact reporting

  • IIED offers some thoughts on how governance at the GCF could be reformed, saying this must be “radical”. The answer is to “devolve how decisions are made … giving independent expert groups, working groups and particularly the GCF secretariat more authority [and leaving] the board free to focus on the GCF’s policy and effectiveness”.

  • IEA says a “worrying trend” is emerging as global investment in renewables fell 7% to $318 bn in 2017, with the fall continuing in 2018, according to Business Green. Fossil fuel investment rose for the first time since 2014, mainly oil and gas, with coal spend dropping sharply.  FF investment needs to be only 40% by 2030 to meet climate targets, but went up slightly in 2017 to 59%

  • Estimates of global urbanisation are way below the reality on the ground, according to new EU research using high definition satellite imaging, reported in Ecobusiness.UN estimates are 55% currently, rising to 70% by 2050.  The actual rate is 84% currently.  This massive affects development and aid considerations, which are often geared to rural areas.  UN figures are wrong because they use different country definitions of what a city is