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NDCi.global is a not-for-profit, mutually supportive community resource for professionals working on their country climate commitments and related goals.  We’re especially focused on financing challengesIt doesn’t matter if you work in clean energy, industry and transport, water, waste, land, forestry and/or agriculture, NDCi.global is for you. The aim is to help make tasks easier –  translating NDCs from paper into projects.

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Refresh and Reset at the GCF

New co-chairs and new Board members offer the GCF an opportunity to steady the ship after last year’s ructions

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Climate Finance:  Pipelines, Landscapes and a Helicopter View

Climate Finance: Pipelines, Landscapes and a Helicopter View

As COP 24 gets under way, a flurry of reports have been published on the state of climate and green finance

We can do the science, so why not the finance?

We can do the science, so why not the finance?

The IPCC report sets out clear pathways to 1.5 degrees. But how do we turn these into financing strategies?

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When adaptation is no longer the answer …

When adaptation is no longer the answer …

In many places, relocation of communities away from coastal areas has already begun

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Paris Finance: Building Capacity but not Community?

Paris Finance: Building Capacity but not Community?

Much is being tried to build capacity to implement the Paris agreement in individual developing countries, but we are doing almost nothing to build the professional community that’s needed globally. Trust is one of the casualties

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An Introduction to Infrastructure Project Finance

Here’s the return of one of our most-read “primers,” where Tom Murley looks at techniques for project financing.


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  • It looks like Japanese investors and banks are finally calling time on their involvement in thermal coal, according to The Guardian. They will switch investment to renewables, with 13 offshore wind projects worth up to A$25 billion planned

  • Eco-Business carries an account of the meeting convened by the Climate Infrastructure Partnership in Barcelona last week.  In its analysis of the reasons why “investors fear to tread” into emerging market infrastructure, however, the piece seems to gloss over the failure of the DFIs to play their proper role

  • COP 25 is confirmed to be in Santiago, Chile from 2-13 December, says Climate Home.  It was originally slated for Brazil but vetoed by the Bolsonaro government.  It will be overseen by a woman, Environment Minister  Carolina Schmidt, for the first time in 8 years

  • A new report from analysts WoodMac says that annual investment in off-grid energy access reached $500  million in 2018.  In all, some $1.7 billion has been invested in the sector to date, the vast bulk since 2014