An NGO Agenda for Bonn


This is a collation of 6 tweets from Oxfam’s Senior Policy Adviser for Climate Change Jan Kowalzig, which we thought provided a useful NGO perspective on the Bonn meetings this week and next:

  • To-do 1: Do not get swayed by Trump’s ugly actions to erode vital climate policy. The is stronger than Trump.
  • To-do 2: Ensure the 2018 review leads to upping pathetically low ambition of country GHG targets, now pointing to a 3-4°C hell.
  • To-do 3: Bring life to the Adaptation Goal of the so it spurs action and leaves no-one behind in climate chaos.
  • To-do 4: Ensure the 5-yearly Global Stocktake of the operationalises equity in a <1.5°C carbon budget.
  • To-do 5: Design accounting rules for the to do away with grossly inflated figures.
  •  To-do 6: Craft transparency rules for the so that everyone can scrutinize each country’s (in)action

Credit: @jalokaje

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