Climate Finance Accelerator: A video explainer


We thank Deutsche Asset Management for this excellent cartoon about the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) founders, Ian Callaghan and Tessa Tennant created the CFA to help countries convert their NDC policies into investable project pipeline as quickly as possible.

The cartoon, designed for financiers and non-financiers alike, explains how the CFA works and why it’s so necessary. In a nutshell, we invited government delegations from 3 countries, matching each delegation with investment bankers, impact investors and development financiers to help them think through the financing of their priority Paris climate commitments. It hadn’t been done before – such a simple thing – and IT WORKED. The results were overwhelmingly bolder, smarter and more bankable.. implementation underway now – imagine helping every country in the world in this way!

The team are now working on a second Climate Finance Accelerator, as well as building it into an open source, not-for-profit platform to proliferate appropriately as quickly as possible.

There’s a report on September’s Climate Finance Accelerator downloadable now from

As ever at COP, this year there were scores of announcements of launches of all kinds (some posing relaunches …)  We bring you a digest of some of the more noteworthy – thanks to the Climate Briefing Service.

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