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Back in December 2016 we published a post on the most comprehensive clean energy investment tracker then available. The following is an update to that post. 

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)’s Climatescope tool originally covered just Latin America and the Caribbean.  By our December update, the survey had expanded to Asia and Africa, with 55 countries covered.  That coverage has now expanded to 58 emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean; tracking their energy transition.

Further, Climatescope has made significant additions and improvements to the tools available to track the conditions for clean energy investment, off the grid and on the grid.  However, the updates below are most significantly about the off grid energy sector.

What it does

Climatescope surveys clean energy investment and growth in a country via 50 indicators under 4 headings – Enabling Framework (40%), covering the regulatory and policy environment; Clean Energy Investment (30%), both local and inward; Low Carbon and Clean Energy Value Chains (15%), measuring how well developed such chains are in the country, and Greenhouse Gas Management activities (15%) that the country and companies there are undertaking.

Climatescope has analysts and experts in six continents, publishing over 700 reports and commentary, reactions and long-term forecasts every year. It now has one of the most sophisticated new energy datasets and models available today. Under the BNEF banner, and with the tools developed, it aids energy professionals to generate opportunities in the fastest growth sector in climate change mitigation.

So What’s New

Quarterly Off-grid Market Outlooks
The most recent report (2Q) considers the groundwork being completed this year in micro-grids in remote and un-electrified regions of the world. Island communities are serving as the test beds for storage companies and tech giants in this space, as they pilot new systems and ideas.  Great for the LDC community and its obligations under NDC and also poverty alleviation.

The Off-grid Data Hub
This is a dedicated free resource for off grid (as opposed to On below) analysis. The data set can be accessed country by country, or to compare countries, for qualitative and quantitative information:   such as energy access policies and budgets, mini-grid development regulation, electricity prices, and pico-solar market access conditions.

And the Improvements

In the Global-Climatescope database, improvements have taken a leap forward on both stand alone and a relative basis.

Country profiles
Power sector structures now include country-specific notes for each sub-indicator that can be visualized when hovering over them. Installed capacity charts now allow the user to visualize the full capacity mix split by technology.

Country comparison tool
If you get what you measure, and sometimes the most powerful tool to achieve change is comparing yourself to your neighbour, then this tool enables the researcher to compare where countries stack up in Climatescope. It includes all the data set in the country profile data base, such as the price attractiveness for clean energy development, financing levels, policy environments, and more.

Policy library
This library now has well over 800 policies described in simple language, with links to underlying texts such as legislation and regulation. It now has a new filter allowing the researcher to sort policies by the most important renewable energy policy types, such as auctions or feed-in tariffs.

About Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Dario Traum is the Project Manager for Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), an industry research firm focused on helping energy professionals generate opportunities. With a team of experts spread across six continents, BNEF provides independent analysis and insight, enabling decision-makers to navigate change in an evolving energy economy.

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