Is finance for Paris on the move or stuck?


As another year passes towards 2020 and COP23 approaches, we’re gathering views on how climate finance is shaping up and what you would like to see happen to unlock the flows.  We plan to use the wisdom of the crowd to frame our questions in covering the COP, so please take a few minutes and help us get the questions right.

To refresh your memory on how the Paris finance landscape shapes up before you take the survey, you might like to look at our series on the topic, starting here.

In the survey, we use the following definitions of terms:

  • “Official climate finance”: Purely public sources of development finance such as the GCF and other multi/bilateral climate funds
  • “Climate finance”:  All types of finance for climate-related projects that have a linkage to an NDC or other national sustainable development strategy
  • “Green finance”: Finance undertaken by companies or project developers in line with their own carbon- or pollution-reduction strategies or product development programmes, principally privately financed and having no concrete link to national strategies.

Please note: no individual responses to this survey will ever be published.

Once you’re done, check out this short video on building a financial system that can deliver the future we want

10 years on from the global financial crisis, the UN brought together a group of the leading figures in sustainable finance (including NDCi.Global co-founder Tessa Tennant) to ask: what’s next? What will it take to create a financial system fit to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a system capable of keeping us within 2° of global warming? And what impact will technology-driven disruption have on the future of finance?

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