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Further Reads: The Development Banks and Climate Funds in


Given their key role in supporting the blended finance structures that will be critical for Paris implementation, has devoted quite a lot of coverage to the development banks and the climate funds.  In support of Dr Wright’s piece this week, we provide a quick digest for possible further reading.

We’ve conducted extended interviews with the climate change heads at two of the major MDBs, Amal Lee Amin at the IADB and Preety Bhandari at the ADB.  Another piece covered the difficulties DFIs are finding not in raising capital but in identifying investment pipeline.

When the GCF Board meets, we devote some days that will never be recovered to monitor the sessions and bring you reviews.  We’ve covered four meetings, in November 2016, July 2017, October 2017 and March 2018.  In these pieces, we’ve noted how the Fund’s politicised structure and accreditation process are slowing the channelling of funds and resulting in its anaemic disbursement performance to date.

We have also reviewed the performance of the climate funds more generally, summarising three think-tank reports that emerged early in 2017 and an opinion piece calling for a rationalisation of the current proliferation of small and unconnected funds.






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