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We’ve been picking up some great stories from ImpactAlpha, a new media brand led by David Bank, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, so we thought we’d share the free link directly with you.  In David’s words “ImpactAlpha is for the growing number of people who believe our most pressing social and environmental challenges represent the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century “.

Just as impact investing is redefining finance, so  ImpactAlpha is seeking to redefine business media around social and environmental value. It’s a great compliment to our media partners Eco-Business and Environmental News.

David makes the point that “robust journalism and compelling media have been instrumental in the growth of other new financial markets, from venture capital to hedge funds to emerging markets investment. The growing impact marketplace needs dedicated journalists working the impact beat, telling the stories, framing the narratives, identifying the leaders and calling the trends. ”

Given the roots of impact investing are in taking a ‘bottom-up’ approach, we thought it appropriate to share this resource alongside this week’s blog post. The LDC Group is no longer waiting for advanced economies to move first on NDC implementation and many of the solutions require support and proliferation of local initiatives.

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