The Paris Finance Map, Part 2: The Influencers


In the second of our 3-parter, we look at how those who influence financial actors are contributing to raising the $ trillions

Mapping the finance for Paris: Who’s who and where?


In the first of a three-part series, we look at the emerging landscape of Paris finance and how the actors are assembling

An NGO Agenda for Bonn


This is a collation of 6 tweets from Oxfam’s Senior Policy Adviser for Climate Change Jan Kowalzig, which we thought provided a useful NGO perspective on the Bonn … Continue reading An NGO Agenda for Bonn

Springtime in Bonn, but another season passes without progress on finance?


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As the UNFCCC holds its half-year sessions we present some thoughts on what’s at stake in this round of talks

It’s time for an agreed climate change scenario so adaptation planning can advance


We speak to the lead author of a thought-provoking report on the challenges to adaptation planning and finance even in developed countries

Adapting to adaptation


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We look at the conundrum of a global challenge that shows up very locally, and at how we avoid a top-down mentality but still avoid reinventing wheels

Paradigm Shift Needed for the GCF?


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We listen in to some testy exchanges at the GCF Board, and suggest some tests to lift the Fund’s functionality and effectiveness

All eyes on 2020 for sustainable city finance


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We listen in on a conversation between cities and investors on the dash for cash that’s needed by 2020

Solar – with a lower cost in funding and materials, now cheaper than coal


HSBC reports that the cost of solar panel modules fell to just USD0.36 per watt by the end of 2016. This price, at USD100 / MWh, makes solar … Continue reading Solar – with a lower cost in funding and materials, now cheaper than coal

The ADB and climate change: A 2030 horizon, with sustainability and resiliency at the core


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We talk to the Asian Development Bank’s climate change chief, Preety Bhandari, about the Bank’s new strategy and action plan in this field

Climate funds and DFIs under the microscope?


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No less than three reports have just been published by prominent think-tanks on the architecture of climate finance. Are we witnessing the beginnings of a movement to change the way climate finance providers work?

Climate action and sustainable development as one agenda: simple truth, complex task


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UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa tells us about her priorities for the coming year, and how a unified agenda for climate and development is becoming a core agenda for governments everywhere