GCF in Meltdown


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Amid extraordinary scenes, the GCF’s 20th Board meeting ends with the resignation of its Executive Director, Howard Bamsey. What and where next for the most important climate fund?

Aggregate to scale


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How a ‘covered’ green bond structure could help developing countries meet their NDCs under the Paris Agreement

“The Week of the White Elephants”


We don’t normally cover climate politics, but as the latest G7 meeting collapsed in disarray, we couldn’t help noticing a report from the ODI that demonstrates there’s one thing … Continue reading “The Week of the White Elephants”

Innovate4Climate 2018


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We take soundings as the World Bank’s annual climate finance event showcases in Frankfurt.

Financial Inclusion – a key tool for weathering economic shocks


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How microfinance institutions and those that provide their capital can help vulnerable communities create financial resiliency

What’s new in Paris related Insurance


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We round up some recent commercial and regulatory developments in a market showing an intent to innovate

NDCs and the pathway to 2050: Are the development banks on track?


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A new report from E3G looks at the performance of the main development banks in support of both short and long-term climate finance needs.

What’s Changing As Countries Turn INDCs into NDCs?


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Five early insights from the WRI

Water: Still waiting for the money to flow


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We join experts at an Environmental Finance conference on risks and opportunities in the water sector

Adaptation in Africa


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This week, we round up some recent projects and themes around adaptation in Africa. 

Time to ‘thin out’ the climate funds so they can flourish?


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Making the climate funds more efficient is no longer a bureaucratic exercise that can be endlessly put off, but a moral imperative

Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?


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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the “trade association” for impact investors, has published a new “Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing”. We analyse the key findings … Continue reading Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?