COP23: More Late Quartet than Ode to Joy?


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First impressions from COP23, as Fiji commandeers the city of Beethoven

Insurance: green shoots of convergence


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Insurers, regulators and policymakers are getting it together on insurance thinking and practice for climate and sustainability

Time for another walk in the Bretton Woods?


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As climate finance reaches just a fraction of needs in 2016, we ask if it’s time to review its architecture and institutions

Blockchain to Unblock Climate Finance?


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We look at how the power of a technology said by some to match that of the internet and mobile telecommunications is starting to be focused on climate action and finance

Is Paris Finance on the move or stuck? Results Part 2


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This week we look at our respondents’ thoughts on issues such as the climate funds, the role of philanthropy, the efficacy of technical assistance, where they source their information on Paris finance, and their more general thoughts on where we stand in the process.

Is Paris Finance on the move or stuck? The results


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Wth the upcoming COP 23 in Bonn marking the passage of another year since the Paris agreement was signed, we thought it would be useful to take the pulse of’s readership via a survey.  In this two-parteron the results, we look this week at definitions of climate and green finance, the pace we’re going at, the preparedness of governments and the private sector, whether we need a “finance director” to coordinate finance aspects of the Paris Agreement, and the performance of the DFIs

The Green Climate Fund: A Car without a Dashboard?


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We listen in on the 18th Green Climate Fund Board meeting, and wonder why there aren’t readily visible metrics to guide the most important vehicle in climate finance.

Is finance for Paris on the move or stuck?


As another year passes towards 2020 and COP23 approaches, we’re gathering views on how climate finance is shaping up and what you would like to see happen to unlock the flows. 

Creative Collisions Expand the Universe of Climate Finance


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We wrap-up on the inaugural Climate Finance Accelerator with the lessons learned

Climate Finance Accelerator: The digest


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This is a digest of the ‘real-time’ articles published by shared learning expert Nicola Millson during the CFA.

Climate Finance Accelerator Day 5: Financing the Future


On Friday, Government delegations from Nigeria, Colombia, and Mexico presented their climate finance propositions to a diverse group of investors, at the close of the week-long Climate Finance Accelerator.

Climate Finance Accelerator Days 3 and 4: Navigating the obstacles


All participants are showing entrepreneurial grit and determination as they begin to align agendas, reframe projects as bankable solutions and develop workarounds to challenging contexts.