What’s Changing As Countries Turn INDCs into NDCs?


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Five early insights from the WRI

Water: Still waiting for the money to flow


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We join experts at an Environmental Finance conference on risks and opportunities in the water sector

Adaptation in Africa


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This week, we round up some recent projects and themes around adaptation in Africa. 

Time to ‘thin out’ the climate funds so they can flourish?


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Making the climate funds more efficient is no longer a bureaucratic exercise that can be endlessly put off, but a moral imperative

Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?


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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the “trade association” for impact investors, has published a new “Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing”. We analyse the key findings … Continue reading Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?

China Roundup


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Resources, environment and aid administration changes are among the first products of the President-for-Life era.

A Slalom in Songdo


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Much sideways but also some forward movement at the GCF’s latest Board meeting

Solar – still the ‘beating heart’ of the energy transition …


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… But which models are winning out and is the technology running ahead of traditional social, policy and financial structures?

“DFIs don’t need more money,” but they’re “starving for places to invest it”


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A leading DFI executive reflects on the real blockages to investment

Is the wave breaking on ‘unsustainable investment’?


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Has multi-directional advocacy created an unstoppable momentum against investments that take no account of climate and social impacts?

What’s out there for Paris finance in 2018? Part 2


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Part two of our series on what’s on the agenda of the “NDC community” in 2018.

What’s Out There for Paris finance in 2018?


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We look ahead at what’s on the agenda of the “NDC community” in 2018