“The Week of the White Elephants”


We don’t normally cover climate politics, but as the latest G7 meeting collapsed in disarray, we couldn’t help noticing a report from the ODI that demonstrates there’s one thing … Continue reading “The Week of the White Elephants”

Innovate4Climate 2018


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We take soundings as the World Bank’s annual climate finance event showcases in Frankfurt.

Financial Inclusion – a key tool for weathering economic shocks


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How microfinance institutions and those that provide their capital can help vulnerable communities create financial resiliency

What’s new in Paris related Insurance


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We round up some recent commercial and regulatory developments in a market showing an intent to innovate

NDCs and the pathway to 2050: Are the development banks on track?


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A new report from E3G looks at the performance of the main development banks in support of both short and long-term climate finance needs.

Knowing Upstream from Downstream in the Green / Climate Investment Supply Chain


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The market is segmented like any other, but confusion often abounds

What’s Changing As Countries Turn INDCs into NDCs?


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Five early insights from the WRI

Water: Still waiting for the money to flow


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We join experts at an Environmental Finance conference on risks and opportunities in the water sector

Adaptation in Africa


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This week, we round up some recent projects and themes around adaptation in Africa. 

Time to ‘thin out’ the climate funds so they can flourish?


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Making the climate funds more efficient is no longer a bureaucratic exercise that can be endlessly put off, but a moral imperative

Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?


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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the “trade association” for impact investors, has published a new “Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing”. We analyse the key findings … Continue reading Directions from an Impact Investing Roadmap?

China Roundup


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Resources, environment and aid administration changes are among the first products of the President-for-Life era.