What’s making the lights go on? (Or keeping countries in the dark?)


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We look at RISE, a new World Bank tool that enables countries to understand what policies they need to drive progress on sustainable energy

ILO Micro-Insurance Compendium


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Micro-insurance is a key building block of adaptation. We look at a comprehensive guide

Adaptation in Cities: Measuring Needs and Capacity


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How a new initiative by Notre Dame will analyse the top 250 cities in the US for climate vulnerability and readiness for investment to combat it

Climate Funds Update: Where the (public) money is


A tour round the most comprehensive data resource on the climate funds

Assess, Monitor, Report for Green Finance Success


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How the UK’s pioneering Green Investment Bank looks at the green potential and performance of its investments

Innovating in climate finance


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We talk to Climate Policy Initiative about a public-private partnership to help scale finance for NDC mitigation and adaptation

Asia’s Green Mandate


NDCi.Global Founders Ian Callaghan and Tessa Tennant were commissioned to write this report by CLSA-U, looking at the implications of the Paris Agreement and other sustainability factors for Asia’s corporates. Who are the winners and who are the climate zombies?

Finance guide for policy-makers: Renewable energy, green infrastructure


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A guide for policymakers on how to talk to (and understand the mindset of) the world of private finance

Holland shows the way on connecting policy and finance for sustainable development


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In a probably unprecedented move, 18 major Dutch finance institutions invite joint action with their government and regulators to create “Highways to SDG Investing”

Climatescope’s 2016 update of its clean energy investment tracker releases soon


We preview developments and some possible surprises in the imminent update of Bloomberg’s free survey of global trends in clean energy finance in emerging economies

NDC Explorer


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NDC Explorer, a new online tool that allows analysis and comparison of NDCs across 57 topics, has been launched in a “preview” version at the Marrakesh COP. did a first road test

Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets


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New IFC study finds a $23 trillion investment opportunity in NDC implementation in emerging markets