Recommended Read: Banking on a Low-Carbon Future


ShareAction surveys the 15 largest banks in Europe and ranks them by their response to climate change. The results are mixed…

Mapping the finance for Paris: Who’s who and where?


In the first of a three-part series, we look at the emerging landscape of Paris finance and how the actors are assembling

Recommended Read: Financing a Sustainable European Economy – The High Level Experts Group (HLEG) Final Report


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Anyone not living in Europe should not immediately switch off now!  This is a report highly worth a scan for the light it casts on how we should be approaching financing the Paris agreement. 

Save the Date! Climate Finance meetings in 2018


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This week’s featured resource, courtesy of Mission 2020, is a list of 2018’s key milestones and meeting for the climate finance world, along with links to register for them.  If you know of or are running an event you feel belongs on this list, please get in touch on and we’ll update accordingly.

Recommended Read: McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective 2018


Our recommended read this week is McKinsey’s thought-provoking publication of its 2018 “Global Energy Perspective” reference case for energy consumption up to 2050. The five key insights from … Continue reading Recommended Read: McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective 2018

Recommended Read – DevExplains: Green Climate Funds


A thoughtful article by Fatima Arkin on Devex Newswire on the climate funds.

Finance guide for policy-makers: Renewable energy, green infrastructure


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A guide for policymakers on how to talk to (and understand the mindset of) the world of private finance

Recommended Read: scaling up investment in low-carbon energy


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A Virtuous Circle:  scaling up investment in low-carbon energy Our recommended read this week is a report put out by Christian Aid at COP23 and mainly authored by … Continue reading Recommended Read: scaling up investment in low-carbon energy

COP23 Launches


As ever at COP, there were scores of announcements of launches of all kinds (some possibly relaunches…) This digest of some of the more noteworthy comes thanks to the Climate Briefing Service.

Climate Finance Accelerator: A video explainer


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This video, designed for financiers and non-financiers alike, explains how the CFA works and why it’s so necessary.

Climate Finance: Treading water?


The latest CPI climate finance stocktake finds mixed messages on progress

COP23: What might happen, and why


E3G present some possible ways COP23 might play out, using their experienced-based Scenarios methodology