We’ve been picking up some great stories from this new media brand led by David Bank, formerly of The Wall Street Journal. Just as impact investing is redefining finance, so  ImpactAlpha is seeking to redefine business media around social and environmental value.

Finance Ministries Talk Climate


Recognising the mounting role of Finance Ministries in delivering on the Paris Agreement, the World Bank has set up the Climate Action Peer Exchange (CAPE) to lift expertise and provide support to Finance Ministers.  

Climatescope 2017 update


Back in December 2016 we published a post on the most comprehensive clean energy investment tracker then available. The following is an update to that post.

A Future ‘Big Beast’ Stirs?


We speak to the head of knowledge and research at the NDC Partnership

An Introduction to Infrastructure Project Finance


In the first of a set of detailed primers, renewable energy finance expert Tom Murley explains how project finance works

Finance guide for policy-makers: Renewable energy, green infrastructure


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A guide for policymakers on how to talk to (and understand the mindset of) the world of private finance

Some adaptation conferences near you this year


Some Adaptation conferences coming up in the rest of 2017.

Innovating in climate finance


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We talk to Climate Policy Initiative about a public-private partnership to help scale finance for NDC mitigation and adaptation

Adaptation in Cities: Measuring Needs and Capacity


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How a new initiative by Notre Dame will analyse the top 250 cities in the US for climate vulnerability and readiness for investment to combat it

To kickstart climate investment, think strategically but look for some quick wins


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We talk to the lead finance author of the Quick-Start Guide to NDC Implementation for some tips on getting started with NDC investment

Think global, fund local


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We discuss why climate finance isn’t getting to the grassroots with Clare Shakya at the IIED

What’s making the lights go on? (Or keeping countries in the dark?)


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We look at RISE, a new World Bank tool that enables countries to understand what policies they need to drive progress on sustainable energy