The fortune at the base of SDGs (and the NDCs)


Trucost, now a part of Standard & Poors rating agency group, has just released the results of the first running of its “SDG Evaluation Tool”.  With participation from 13 companies, including major such as Arm, Iberdrola and Walgreens, it has identified $233 billion on SDG-aligned revenues, accounting for nearly 90% of the turnover of these companies.  It also identifies a number of risks associated with the SDGs that engagement can help to overcome.

We highlight this report not just because of its findings but because we believe a similar perspective ought to be applied to the NDCs arising out of another major global agreement signed in 2015, i.e. Paris. The NDCs represent a huge project and business opportunity for many companies and financiers.  One of the results of the UNFCCC not having a finance function, however, is that this opportunity is presently rather hidden, but perhaps reports such as this one will start to change the way that companies view these global undertakings.

Access to the report requires registration, but the Trucost website has a lot of other resources available that make it well worth the few minutes required.

Download the report here

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